The living room is one of the areas in the house where you can really show off with color. By extending the colors of the furniture and home accessories to the wall, you create a fantastic overall picture. Just imagine this set with a white wall. A lot less atmospheric, right? Do you prefer to look at it through rose-colored glasses? We got you!

Red and pink interior, with sofa Cloë

Combining red and pink in your interior

Red-pink tones are daring main colors for your interior, but if you apply the colors of love in the right way, you create a lot of atmosphere. Red and pink are especially suitable for areas in the home where action takes place, such as the living room. This is usually one of the most central areas in the house where a lot of time is spent. In short: the perfect place to style colorfully! If you opt for leading colours, it is wise to first make a mood board of the different color nuances and materials you want to use. This way you can see in advance whether the color combinations and materials go well together. In addition, it is of course also just a very nice taster!

In any case, red and pink go very well with wood, gold and ton-sur-ton. Wood provides extra warmth, gold for a luxurious feel and ton-sur-ton for unity. By combining these elements and of course with mood lighting and candlelight on, you are guaranteed to bring romance into your home. Secretly we all like that a bit 😉

Bench Cloe

By using different nuances of pink and red, more depth is created and the warm appearance is enhanced. The wine red velvet sofa Cloe in combination with the velvet pink ottoman immediately catch the eye. Sofa Cloë can be seen here in Juke Wine Red and the matching footstool in Juke Pink. In addition, the luxurious velvet of the furniture and the curtain provides an elegant appearance. The old pink Room108 carpet Marino in color 42 is softer in color, creating a minimalistic contrast. Can you dream away completely in this set? Then keep an eye on our blog for more creations in the theme royal colour!