We are visiting Demy. She lives with Hilko and their cat Boelie in an old, renovated farmhouse from 1947 in the Wilgen. And trust us, you want to see this!

modern light interior with elements of the past


Everything looks tip-top in this farm. And Demy made those choices herself, so she explains herself. “It really is my hobby to work on this. Next to my job, I spend a lot of time working on interior design. During Corona I created an Instagram page and put a lot of time into it. That's actually how this hobby came about.” A lot of hours were also spent on the house itself. “Our farm is from before 1947. Unfortunately, it was partly bombed and rebuilt after 1947. We bought the farm in 2019 and spent a year renovating it. Fortunately with the help of friends and family.”


“We bought the sofa at Room108 Amsterdam, but I heard that a shop has also recently been opened in Leeuwarden. That would have been a lot closer”, Demy laughs. In the middle of the living room of Demy's farmhouse Room108 corner sofa Victoria in Lund Naturalis showing off. “A real plop down sofa that still looks sleek. We did order extra lumbar cushions. That is not standard with the Victoria, but we liked it. This way we can create both an active and a lounge sitting in our sofa.”

Demy regularly gets compliments about her Victoria sofa. “Of course, the sofa often appears on my Instagram channel and then I get nice questions and comments about it.”


Despite the modern and hotel chic interior and atmosphere, the old elements of the farmhouse also remained. “Think of the four wooden trusses in the living room and the old barn door we kept. In addition to that the windows with rods in them.”

Looking to the future, Demy still has a number of wishes. “The entire roof needs to be replaced. Black roof tiles instead of red. And maybe one day the exterior facade will be whitened again.” We believe that it will also be beautiful outside! Would you like to see more of Demy's beautiful interior? Then follow her on Instagram: @demy.living.


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