We are allowed to have a look inside the atmospheric home where Jenny lives with her husband and 13-year-old son. The house is located in Hoef en Haag near Utrecht.

A light sofa with brown decorative cushions and a blanket at the foot of the bed.

New dream house

They moved to their current home in 2020. This was during the corona period and that didn't make it easy to find a contractor. They were also on a deadline for their previous rental home, which meant they had to make decisions quickly. “After that we also had to wait for the furniture. It all took a while,” Jenny says.


“I love styling! I just completed my interior designer course. If I had to describe my interior style, it would be Japandi and chic but warm at the same time.” According to Jenny, the sofa is the most important item in her living room. “A good sitting area with a relaxation sofa.”

The inside viewer sits on the couch in her warm interior with beige tones.


Jenny bought her sofa at Room108 in Eindhoven. “The service was top notch! We checked out all the sofas and each time the saleswoman told us all the information.” Ultimately Jenny opted for corner sofa Nadine, a sleek sofa with double back and seat cushions. “We chose this one because of its minimalistic and airy look. And the color matches our house perfectly.” Jenny went for the Nadine corner sofa upholstered with the fabric and color Mito Beige.

She says she has already had many questions about the sofa. “I also posted the sofa on Instagram once and received messages from friends and acquaintances about where I bought the sofa. Of course I referred them to Room108!”

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