Today we are in Tiel, where we look inside the modern, spacious and warm home of Marjolijn and her boyfriend Stefan. They live here with two of the three children who still live at home.



As soon as we enter Marjolijn's home, we are surprised by the special and open layout of the interior. Marjolijn tells more: “We have changed a lot about the house, we have completely renovated the inside and are not completely finished yet! It has now become more of an open space, and we find that very beautiful and special.” Marjolijn asks her friend Stefan to tell us something too: “The carriers of the interior are the wooden unit and the cast floor. We added contrast to the curtains and everything forms a calm whole,” he says. The sofa is also an eye-catcher in the interior, it fits perfectly in the room!


“Me and Stefan both enjoy styling and furnishing the interior. Although I find it difficult sometimes. Our styles are also quite different. My style is more colorful and atmospheric, Stefan's a bit sleeker and calmer. We now have a good basis where everything matches, we are still looking for what we want and are taking everything step by step! I like the occasional crazy detail,” says Marjolijn. The base can indeed be combined very well with all styles and colors, the whole has a warm and spacious appearance.


Corner sofa Claire fits perfectly in the living room and this one is really made for this! Marjolijn tells more about how this sofa was chosen: “We knew what we were looking for in a sofa, it had to be nice and spacious with room for the whole family and for visitors. Stefan is miserable Whoon went to Oisterwijk and his eye fell on Claire's couch. He then approached a saleswoman who was about as tall as me, haha. They then tested the sofa together and Stefan was enthusiastic! The three of us, together with our daughter, then went back to Whoon and the bank became Claire too. The fabric as it was in the store was also perfect, so we went for that too!” The Claire corner sofa is made of fabric Luna 06, this really matches very nicely with the cast floor and the other items in the house! “A nice detail is the separate footstool, which is multifunctional and can be used in any direction! This functions, for example, as a coffee table, but also to extend the sofa and lounge,” Marjolijn adds.

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