This time we are in Zandvoort where Linda offers us a peek into her home. She lives here with husband Rene, son Tim and their cats Louis and Lola. They of course love the beach and the dunes.

Room108 U-sofa Noëlle in a light gray color, interior view Zandvoort. modern rural house.

A hospitable welcome in a modern rural home

The moment we step in we immediately get a very welcome and homy feeling. Both the house and Linda radiate hospitality. The cats consider everything happening in the house to be very interesting and take this opportunity to pose in front of the camera! It surely isn't a punishment to be allowed a peek inside this modern rural home!

The cool Room 108 corner sofa Noelle is shining in the middle of the spacious living room. Linda won a full refund of the sofa in 2021 by joining our giveaway!

Timeless base

Linda tells us how all kinds of things have happened and were renovated when they moved into the house. “An extension to the house was built, we put in a beautiful wooden floor and the kitchen got renovated. What's even better is that everything we picked out is really timeless so you can't tell it was already a while ago!" We totally agree, everything looks like new!

Styling and sliding with interior items

Linda truly enjoys changing little things in the house. “I regularly change accessories, pillows and small items thus creating a slightly different atmosphere in the house every time. I keep the base neutral and don't change the big items too often. My great grandmother's big closet has a special spot in the house.”

Corner sofa Noelle

About a year and a half ago it was time for a new sofa, which was bought at Room108 in Amsterdam. “We were looking for a sturdy but comfortable sofa, with an appearance that combined sleek and attractive,” Linda says. Well, our sofa Noëlle has all of that so it's a perfect match! A nice and spacious sofa because of the the U-shaped design, upholstered with the lovely Mine Dolphin fabric. It really blends in nicely with the modern rural style of the interior. Linda and her family are still very happy with the sofa!

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